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Modelling with connected schedules has never been so easy

Having to recalculate the massing areas every time you move blocks on a site plan is a nightmare.

Providing accurate modelling tools and getting instant takeoff out of a massing model is the fundamental basis of Skema workflow.

Below you’ll find all our latest features that put your massing study to the next level:

Key figures dashboard

✅ Instant feedback on the model changes

✅ Grouping and filtering

✅ Interactive selection from the schedules

✅ Export to Excel

Large sites support

~90,000 m2 within the thousands of existing buildings straight on the landscape without any lag.

Project Browser

Easily navigate within a project tree:

✅ Select

✅ Hide

✅ Remove

Create and edit your own custom functional categories

✅ Overwrite colours

✅ Rename

✅ Remove

Most accurate moving and rotating with array functionality

Graphic overwriting settings

✅ Light colour/intensity

✅ Background colour

✅ Fog colour/intensity

✅ Shadows

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