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What’s new: August 2022


1️⃣ Setting floor-to-floor height

2️⃣ Polyline building

3️⃣ BUG fixing

Setting floor-to-floor height

Probably one of the most desirable features to accomplish the building proposal. Finally, you can specify the floor-to-floor height for building massing.

Additionally, you can affect the floor-to-floor height through the building block.

The height of each floor within a block will be automatically determined accordingly to the block height.

Polyline building

One of the Skema team's main goals is to shorten the path from the idea in an architect's mind to the prototype. This is why we’ve developed the Polyline building tool, with the help of which you can generate linear buildings (the most common for all kinds of residential buildings) just in a few clicks.

There is a set of parameters you can change to affect the massing configuration:

✅ Number of blocks

✅ Path location

✅ How to handle block division in the corners, etc.

If it’s not enough and you want to bring more customization to the building shape, you simply need to “Bake” it, after which, the raw shape will be fully accessible for manual editing.

BUG fixing & Improvements

✅ 37 bugs fixed (projects get stuck depending on a location, wrong landscape levels. etc.)

✅ Project loading time has been speeded up

✅ UI improvements of the Drawing settings tab

Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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