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Streamline your feasibility assessment process

Skema is a cutting-edge software that generates accurate feasibility studies more thoughtfully and allows you to confidently and rapidly generate high-quality building concepts that can be easily tested, iterated, and validated.

Why Skema?

Streamline process

Skema is a cloud-based platform where you can develop an entire feasibility study from the project brief to the detailed report in minutes.


Intuitive massing modelling

Generate a building massing automatically using computational design tools or draw exact shapes with our easy-to-use modelling tool.


Revit integration

No gaps in the design workflow! Enjoy doing detailed design with our smooth export to the Revit.


Streamline your feasibility assessment process and make more informed decisions as you design your building. Skema allows users to convert their pre-designed kit of parts into a detailed building concept, by shifting from the raw massing to the buildable building in seconds.

Discover solutions for:


Make instant site evaluation without architect help. Visualise the most efficient buildings from your point of view and specify the unit mix that brings more value based on your ideal apartment layouts. Then, define the project brief and share your ideas with architects, cost consultants and other stakeholders.

Architects & Urban Designers

Our massing modelling tools were developed taking into account architect workflow. Quickly move blocks around a site and find the best building configuration regarding site context, orientation and unit mix. Create and explore different project options in a single environment.

MMC Business developers

Win more deals by instantiating your Product Book on the platform and rapidly show a client what can be built on a site from your components. Share the product book with architects and allow them to adapt your well-designed building concept at the beginning of a project.

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