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Streamline your feasibility assessment process

Kreo Modular is a cutting-edge software that generates accurate feasibility studies more thoughtfully and allows you to confidently and rapidly generate high-quality building concepts that can be easily tested, iterated, and validated.

Why Kreo Modular ?

Integration with Revit

Enjoy a seamless experience by connecting your workflow to Revit / BIM


Design Guideline Assistance

Mistakes happen. Design with them in mind and keep your projects on time


Upload your design constraints

Save your design guidelines and configure your building on the fly



Generate more ideas and discover new options for your site, in a matter of seconds


Manual and Algorithmic Driven Massing Modelling

Conceptualise a building model easily by selecting the components that work for you



Instant insights, instant Answers. Iterate live with your clients with dynamic, engaging and time saving reports


Kreo Modular

Streamline your feasibility assessment process and make more informed decisions as you design your building. Kreo Modular allows users to convert their pre-designed kit of parts into a detailed building concept, by shifting from the raw massing to the buildable building in seconds.

Solutions for (проработать описания)


- Manage team access

- 24/7 Support Team


- Monthly and Annual

- Subscriptions

Urban designers

- Unlimited Free Trainings

- Deliver Projects Faster

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